What, or where, is Octoberlund?

Nice of you to ask! Octoberlund is the home of the Spooky Folk, a magical realm where everyday is like Halloween. In the books, the only places that have been talked about are the Witch Fields: Winda and Gobbler's home, and The Wall, the magical divider between the Human Land and Octoberlund. More of the world will be explored in upcoming books. As the books and stories are released, I will shine a little light on each.

The Spooky Folk

The Spooky Folk are what humans once called all the creatures and races that dwell in the land of Octoberlund. The major races are as follows-Witches, Warlocks, Re-Animated Folk, Werewolves, and The Undead (Vampires, Specters, Ghosts, Zombies, Ghouls, Mummies). There are others, to be revealed later.


The following is a list of the major characters in Tales of the Spooky Folk, so far.

  • Winda-The star of the story so far, Winda is a 12 year old Witch that longs to be anything but! Tired of spellcasting and perpetually gloomy autumn nights, she wants nothing more than to experience the Human World. In her enchanting debut book, Winda, along with her friends, sneak into the land of Humans and technology and discover that...well, you'll have to read the book to find out. No spoilers here! But she is feisty and fiercely loyal to her friends, full of curiosity about far off lands, and, despite her misgivings, a powerful young Witch-in-training.
  • Gobbler- A wisecracking Watch-o'-lantern, he has served Winda's family as a babysitter and playmate for over a century. Gobbler is considered one of the Re-Animated Folk, since he was created by magic to serve a role. But like many enchanted "things" in Octoberlund, he has outgrown his initial function and has developed a mind and personality of his own. He loves to antagonize Winda as much as he can get away with, but underneath his crotchety demeanor he is a kind and loyal companion.
  • Weatherby (aka Black Cat)- A young Warlock completely smitten with Winda, Weatherby was turned into a cat just before the start of the first book. Winda takes full blame for it, but sometimes Weatherby is just so annoying! Always following Winda and her friends around, pestering them with questions. Is he really just that curious, or did he just want to spend as much time around Winda as he could? Read the story to find out! Weatherby will do anything for Winda, including breaking Spooky Folk laws. But his loyalty and friendship put him in danger in Winda the Witch: Tales of the Spooky Folk.
  • Charlotte- A young Human girl that Winda quickly befriends, Charlotte is just the opposite of Winda. She loves all thing magic and "witchy", but is quite shy and unpopular among her classmates. The two of them make quite a pair, and each learn valuable lessons about life during their time together.

And coming soon, a new short story prequel, starring...

  • Larry the Werewolf- One of Winda's best friends. Larry and his family are the only Werewolves living in the Witch Fields. The youngest son of the youngest son of a Werewolf Chieftain, Larry is considered quite tame and civilized compared to most of his kin. He worries about whether he will grow up to be fierce and strong, like the Werewolf heroes in tales he loves to hear. He is steadfast and brave.
  • Sally the Specter- Winda's other best friend, Sally is the sweetest person Winda knows. Shy and timid to the point you hardly know she is around, nonetheless, when she wants to be seen or heard--Watch Out! Winda feels like she can share anything with Sally and trust that she will keep it secret. Like Larry, her family is one of the few types of Undead living in the Witch Fields.

Created by J.K. Campbell