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About J.K. Campbell

J.K. Campbell is a writer and author of The Tales of the Spooky Folk series, a Middle-Grade Halloween/fantasy series for ages 8 and up. The series consists of Winda the Witch, A Howling Good Time, and the brand new story, Halloweening, part of the anthology Trick or Treat Free For All.

His favorite book is The Silmarillion, by J.R.R. Tolkien. His favorite Middle-grade books are The Chronicles of Prydain series.

Yes, he has actually met Winda and Gobbler. No, he does not recommend feeding Gobbler candy after midnight... 

About the Stories

Attention kids, parents and educators (that means you, teachers and librarians): Do you like Spooky adventures? With not too many scares, but just enough to get your heart beating faster?

Thump thump. Thump thump. 

Still reading?

Well, how about a magical land filled with creatures of legend and nightmares, all the things that Humans have told stories about to scare each other for centuries? Creatures that have dreams and lives of their own, which typically consist of scaring Humans?

Still there?

Ok, ok. Hmmm. How about a young Witch who wishes she could be a Human girl and do silly Human girl things; things that Witches don't get to do? You know--stuff like texting her friends and watching movies. Activities that DON'T include flying on a broom or using magic. No more pumpkin patches under the moonlight, or scaring people as an official job. 


Nice! I think you'll enjoy these Tales of the Spooky Folk then. Hopefully as much as I have had writing them. If you like Middle-grade books, an age range of 8-12, or if you're an adult who's young at heart, I think you'll be enchanted. Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Or do you enjoy tales of daring adventure, friends who will do anything for each other, and coming of age stories? 

Why not join my Spooky Fan Club then, and download A Howling Good Time--for free! It's a great way to get to know the characters and world of the Tales of the Spooky Folk stories. 

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