Winda the Witch: Tales of the Spooky Folk

by J.K. Campbell

A Witch who doesn't fit in. A magical land of Spooky Folk. One wild Halloween night!

Not so far away, in a land of Monsters and Ghosts and other creatures of the Spooky Folk, there lived a Witch named Winda. She was twelve years old, and more than anything, she wanted a normal life. A human life.

But in Winda's magical homeland of Octoberlund, everyday was like Halloween. Vampires turned into bats and drank blood. Werewolves howled at the moon and lived to chase and hunt. Zombies shambled, Monsters crept, and the Undead plotted their revenge on the living. And then there were the Witches: all that spell-casting and broom-riding! What was a young misfit Witch to do?

Join Winda and her friends Gobbler the Watch-o'-lantern and Weatherby the Warlock as they travel Through the Gate and Over the Wall. Get on board Winda's enchanted broom as the friends fly across the magical land of Octoberlund and into the forbidden Human land. Come along on an adventure filled with danger and wonder, and candy. For tonight is the real Halloween, and Winda intends to scare up some fun. It just so happens that along the way, she discovers who she really is, and where she truly belongs!

Winda the Witch: Tales of the Spooky Folk is a preteen fantasy adventure for lovers of Halloween and Scary Stories for Children

Available as a Kindle eBook

and in Paperback on Amazon. Coming to other stores in Paperback soon!


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